The NWCS Organization


Artistic Director and Conductor: Alan Wellman
Collaborative Pianist: Lori Lyn Mackie



President: Penny Perles
Vice President: David Hitch
Treasurer: Noreen La Valle
Recording Secretary: Ruta Veitmanis
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Jane Matecki

General Members:

Meredith Bechtel
Robyn Waldman Borek
Greykell Dutton
Kelsey Green
Tammi Lothson
John Schindler
Diane Szuberla
Lori Lyn Mackie, ex officio

Committee Chairs

Advertising: Kelsey Green
Development: David Hitch
Executive: Penny Perles
Facebook: Kelsey Green
Facilities: John Schindler
Long-Range Planning: Penny Perles
Membership: Greykell Dutton
Promotions: Diane Szuberla
Publicity: Tom & Penny Perles
Sunshine Committee: Mary Jane Matecki


Sub-Committee Chairs

Audience Education: John Morrison
Bake Sales: Tammi Lothson
Database Management: Mary Jane Matecki
Handbook Publication: Karen Pelletierre
New Member Concert Attire: Jane Peterson
Post Office Box: Barbara Stewart
Poster Distribution: Meredith Bechtel
Program Notes: Mary Jane Matecki
Proofing: Kelsey Green, Mary Jane Matecki, Penny Perles, & Diane Szuberla
Receptions: Jane Peterson
Website: Greykell Dutton, Mary Jane Matecki, Penny Perles, & John Schindler
YouTube: Jeff Raynor

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